The Future needs us all

We are facing a very worrying situation.

A crisis that has taken us all from our comfort zone as never before.The situation has become distressing.

We all know of someone who is or has been in areas where the pandemic has spread.

Our movements have been reduced, if not paralyzed. Attendance at public places follow the same fate, sports and great events have  been canceled.

Some of us suffer more than others, even though strictly speaking this affects us all equally.

We must follow the indications of those who know about the subject, of all those who care for us. We must accept the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization as well as the regulations applied by governments.

We are very careful without panicking.

We apply our best common sense to continue enjoying this great party which is The Life.

Each one of us, in the most reasonable way, with the care that the hour deserves, should try to continue doing their own thing.

I take care of myself, you take care of yourself, he takes care of himself, we all take care of ourselves.

We do not forget to wash our hands assiduously and we also do not forget, that the Future Needs All of us Committed to this Present.

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