SAHIC 2017, in Buenos Aires but for the entire region

SAHIC is the annual meeting of the industry in South America and beyond.

It takes place in a different city every year. Rio de Janeiro, Cartagena, Santiago de Chile, Lima (twice), Quito, Bogotá, Guayaquil, Havana and this year, for the second time, in Buenos Aires.

As in the traditional industry meetings held in other parts of the world- USA East Cost: NYU in New York, USA West Coast: ALIS in Los Angeles, Europe: IHIF in Berlin and the Middle East: AHIC in Dubai, the ones that gather the cream of the industry every year in the same city and in the same hotel- SAHIC “moves” every year.

Since its creation, we have understood the needs of the industry very well, also the needs of destinations, local entrepreneurs, international developers, professionals involved and other players who make a growing hotel and tourism industry possible in Latin America. It was worth the effort to leave the comfort zone of settling in one destination and support the rest from there.

Latin America is a vast developing region that still takes a small portion of the world’s business.

It has all the conditions to keep growing and some countries have been showing it very clearly in recent years.

This tenth edition of SAHIC South America will undoubtedly be a great opportunity to know a little more what is happening in the region.

Argentina: after so many years of “ostracism” is heading to become again one of the great attractions for developers and investors around the world.

Brazil: after leading the volume of development of rooms for years, it has been plunged into a crisis and struggling to leave it behind. The most important economy in South America, producing 60% of the region’s GDP, will undoubtedly return and it will be interesting to know what is happening, where are the opportunities, where the business is going, what is going on beyond what happens in its former market star of international tourism: Rio de Janeiro. The experience gathered after the “boom” of development before Olympic Games.

Peru: one of the markets that have grown steadily in the last ten years in the face of the bottleneck problem that an airport like Lima produces, which is operating to the limit of its capacity and even above it. What you can learn from a destination with tremendous potential that begins to limit its development by not being able to increase its flight arrival capacity.

Colombia: Another market that have grown steadily in the last years, as expected after the law that exempted hotel development taxes expired and, on the other hand, the impact of signing the longed peace. What is next, where is headed to.

Chile: The stand-out market of the last years. A destination that has grown like no other in South America in terms of arrival of international tourists. This market is shaping up to challenge the eternal leaders of the region: Brazil and South America. Will this year end up leading the influx of international tourists? The strengths and weaknesses of the fact that most of this growth is supported by the Argentine market. A good opportunity to know firsthand what is coming.

Ecuador: integrated in the last years to the concert of countries that have understood that besides promoting demand it is essential to do a sustained work in the promotion and attraction of investments. Ecuador decided to follow the path of other countries that have been working in this direction for some years. After his first participation in SAHIC 2012, when almost nobody knew about the destination, Ecuador worked hard to host the event twice: Quito 2014 and Guayaquil 2016. A good opportunity to know what is happening and, above all, what can be expected in a country that is going through a present of important changes.

Uruguay: The “small one” between two giants. One of the most stable economies in the region. How has the hotel law impacted? What about the Montevideo market? Is it really over-offered? What can you expect? All in the voice of the main market players.

Cuba: Again present at SAHIC, which is turning into a classic. After its first presence in Lima 2015 until the recent holding of the first investment conference in Cuba last May. What is next? The game of the differences between the former and the current administration of the great country of the north.

And some news about the region and SAHIC, not to mention the presence of four major speakers: Geoff Ballotti, President & CEO of Wyndham Worldwide; Bill Walshe, Global CEO of Viceroy, Sébastien Bazin, Chairman & CEO of Accor and David Sutton, President of Alvear Group.

Once again, SAHIC will be the must-attend event for all who are related to the hotel and tourism business and related real estate projects.

See you at SAHIC on September 13 and 14 at the Hilton Buenos Aires.

And of course, we look forward to seeing you in the celebration of our first ten editions on Tuesday 12 at 7pm at The Brick Hotel, MGallery by Sofitel Buenos Aires, courtesy of Accor Hotels.

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