Cuba, South America and beyond

Endless opportunities for hoteliers, real estate developers, construction companies, architects, designers, industry suppliers, banks, investment funds and many others.

Since its beginning in 2008, SAHIC has shown itself responsive to the needs of hotels market, tourism and related real estate projects in Latin America.

Its first event, close to celebrate its tenth anniversary in September next year, made clear that South America needed to introduce an instrument of this type to facilitate new investments that allow to enhance the tremendous potential of the region.

Since that first opportunity SAHIC revealed its importance throughout Latin America. Since its first conference in Buenos Aires, a city that will be hosting the event for the second time next year, leading players from over 30 countries converged interested in opportunities in South America. Also, representatives of the governments of Costa Rica and Mexico participated in the events.

In the following years, faithful to the original commitment to be an enabling tool for the industry, SAHIC took its annual meeting to Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador; twice in each of these three last countries.

In those years, participation of other Latin American countries became a classic.  To the point that in the last two years a large delegation of Cuba attended the event, with the presence of the Vice Minister of Tourism and the Presidents of Cuba’s major hotel companies.


Achievements and difficulties

Milestones and successes that made clear SAHIC consolidation as the annual industry meeting were repeated everywhere. Announcements of new investments multiplied in each of its editions. Small and large alliances were part of the events. Disclosure of opportunities, the first meeting between those who today are “old acquaintances”, partners in new businesses have been a constant that made SAHIC a widely attended meeting beyond the highs and lows characteristic of all economic cycles.

Regarding these cycles, just remember that SAHIC started in the crisis of Lehman Brothers and held its last edition in the context of a sharp decline in the price of commodities, whose commercialization is vital for many economies in the region, and of the appreciation of the dollar against local currencies, prompting falls in levels of economic activity and even recession in some markets, especially in Argentina and Brazil.

Regarding achievements, “para muestra, basta un botón” (“you may know the whole sack by a handful”), says a Spanish traditional saying. The first American hotel chain in Cuba, after 53 years of embargo established by the United States, had its seeds in SAHIC 2015.


SAHIC Cuba, the first step of new roads

SAHIC 2016 finally brought the confirmation of the first conference on hotels and tourism investment in the largest Caribbean island and once called “Queen of the Caribbean”.

On 15 and 16 May 2017 in Havana, the capital city, it will take place what is already clear that will be an event of unusual importance.

At a time of great uncertainty and volatility in major world markets, Cuba appears as a clear alternative for investment and knowledge contribution to the development of an industry that is growing well above the world average and will continue to grow so surprisingly in the years ahead.

The only way to better understand the wealth of opportunities ahead and take advantage of them is to travel and see first-hand what is happening. SAHIC Cuba will undoubtedly be an essential tool and a milestone in the development of hotel and tourism business on the island.


Why Cuba?

The tip of the iceberg:

– In 2015, 3,524,779 tourists arrived to Cuba, a 17.4% growth in relation to 2014.
– Until August 31 this year Cuba received 2,720,725 tourists. 12% more than the same period last year.


– The 2016-2030 plan forecasts the development of 224 new hotels and 47 projects for leisure and adventure.
– The pipeline to end of 2016 shows 14,000 new rooms.
– While the pipeline to 2030 allows to predict an availability of 134,300 rooms by then, doubling existing capacity.


The above framework opens the door for the incorporation of knowledge, services, products and foreign capital to boost the tremendous opportunities in an industry that will grow in double-digit percentage terms over the next ten years at least.

The event is for:

– Hotel Companies
– Operators
– Developers
– Construction Companies
– Providers of hotel industry, gastronomy and entertainment in general
– Architects
– Designers
– Banks and investment funds


SAHIC South America

A classic that is renewed year after year returns to Buenos Aires in its tenth edition on 13 and 14 September 2017.

The great expectation for the resurgence of Argentina and the strong interest that this process is causing in the business community worldwide predict a more than favorable framework for this new meeting of the major players in South America business.

After having taken the meeting to Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Cartagena, Lima (twice), Quito, Bogota and Guayaquil, SAHIC returns to Buenos Aires, the city where the first edition in 2008 was hosted.

To the mentioned expectations for Argentina, we can add the markets that have attracted the interest of investors during all these years:  Peru and Colombia.

More recently, new markets have also been added. Even though in some cases they are still poorly known by many, they begin to raise their voices to show the opportunities their countries offer, as is the case of Ecuador in first place and Paraguay and Bolivia in the second place.

We will also see the resurgence of Uruguay and Chile with the contribution that begins to show the return to normal of an important neighbor to both countries, Argentina.

And last but not least, Brazil will be present, a country devastated by a strong political crisis that threw it into a no less important recession from which it is expected to start recovering in the near future, with all that comes with having an economy of that magnitude regain the path of growth.

Definitely, SAHIC South America edition will become an event we suspect will not only exceed all expectations but all the history of this classic in the regional industry.



As if this were not enough, true to its seed, to its brief but verifiable history and, above all, to its commitment to being a tool of the industry in the region that is constantly renovated, SAHIC is ready to continue to grow and facilitate the development of new business in Latin America.

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