SAHIC Cuba is ready to go: May 15 & 16, 2017 – Havana, Cuba

SAHIC Cuba, the first Hospitality Investment Conference that will be held in Havana has opened the Registration today.


01-registrationopen-super-cortoIs great to know that the meting that the hotel, tourism and investment key players for all around the world was waiting for is ready to go.

SAHIC Cuba will be the first edition of an annual event of international level aimed at promoting business in the Hotel, Tourism and related Real Estate projects sector in Cuba.

This conference is intended to pinpoint opportunities – in a market which presents new opportunities like no other market in the world can – while sharing with hotel operators, tourism operators, investors, architects, designers, developers and vendors of products and services of the industry in general, the key to doing business in Cuba. With policies and regulations continuously evolving, this is also a way for attendees to understand if future projects are a good fit for the destination.
01-registrationopen-sponsorsWhile it is true that the announcement made on the 17th of December 2014 by Presidents Obama and Castro with regards to the decision to re-establish relations between the two countries and begin a process of a bilateral agreement had an important impact not only in both countries but on a global scale, very few believed that things would move as quickly as they have done.
Much has happened since then: the restitution of respective embassies, access to bank accounts by both states and the discussion of topics of concern for both parties and, of course, the opening of the first hotel run by an American brand in Cuba since the establishment of the 1960 embargo.
This is why we decided to launch SAHIC Cuba, an event that will take place on the 15th and 16th of May 2017 in the enchanting city of Havana.

01-registrationopen-why-cubaIn a time of great uncertainty and volatility in the main global markets, Cuba emerges as a clear investment alternative and as an important contributor for the development of a growing industry which will continue to grow at an astonishing rate in the years to come.

The only way to understand the host of opportunities that exist and to take advantage of them is to travel and experience what is taking place first hand. SAHIC Cuba will without a doubt be an essential tool and a landmark in the development of the hotel and tourism industry on the Island!
Be the first to know everything there is to know in order to not be left out of this exciting market.
See you in Havana!



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