The must-attend hotel industry annual meeting in Latin America.

Foto CEOs at SAHIC 2015
Hotel Leaders at SAHIC 2015. From Left to Right: Wyndham, Starwood, Marriott, AGR, Hilton, Radisson and Accor.

In the last years, SAHIC has not only become the annual meeting of the industry in the region, but has come to fill a void which, in the right proportions, has been a contribution to the progress experienced by hotel business hotels in the region. No doubt that there is a “before-and-after” in the gathering of the various players involved in the development of hotel and tourism industry in the region. They are remarkable international leaders, small, medium and large players in the region, entrepreneurs from other sectors who became interested in understanding what is happening in a business that has steadily grown, international and regional chains, investors, developers, government officials, architects, designers, landowners, construction companies, investment funds, banks, creators, facilitators, implementers and executors of dreams that never stop coming true.

What is SAHIC?

General Session at SAHIC
General Session at SAHIC

I once heard someone define it as «a club». I am not sure whether it is the best definition of this tool that the industry has adopted as an enabler, owning it and enriching it with the invaluable contribution of each and every one of the participants of this year’s proposal in its ninth edition.

However, if you understand “club” as that place where one knows who is going to meet to make things better, to compete, as a space that helps us free our dreams, to share them and start making them come true, then undoubtedly SAHIC is a club.

From Buenos Aires 2008 to Guayaquil 2016.

Over the years, SAHIC has sailed different waters: turbulent, calm, challenging, always promising.

So is the region, so is the world, so is life.

Just remember that after waiting for years to make our dream come true, on the opening day of the first edition the world was on the verge of a tremendous international financial crisis. That morning, the United States Congress rejected the bailout plan presented by President Bush to overcome the crisis of subprime mortgages that came to light with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Some might have considered it a bad omen, but once again it was clear that the best is yet to come.

Unlike other major conferences similar to SAHIC and held in other parts of the world-NYU (New York), ALIS (Los Angeles), IHIF (Berlin), AHIC (Dubai), among others- SAHIC is the only one not taking place in the same city every year and the only one covering three different languages simultaneously. These are all challenges that are renewed year after year but that we are happy to face because we are in a vast region where hotel and tourism business needs of this effort and where not everything can be solved in English.

Everybody’s support and understanding has made it possible to overcome the obstacles that were presented and crown each of the meetings with success, beyond personal preferences.

SAHIC’s achievements.

El cambio yDefined as I like, as an enabling tool, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to keep a detailed record of the achievements of SAHIC.

A tool is always there ready to be used, silent, solitary. She knows her thousand battles well, those who showed skill, those who hesitated, those who admired her and also those who did not consider her at all, but has always been there, ready to be used and give the best of herself.

SAHIC made possible key meetings that were the beginning of promising businesses, opportunities to learn new practices, to learn more about the business, to listen to incredible stories (The Miracle of the Andes, for example), to meet entrepreneurs who left their mark (David Sutton Antonio Catala or Ian Schaeger, among others) and know about dreams that came true (business closed through the platform «20/20 Showcase your Project»). We also enjoyed entertainment that enlivened the long hours of work (Colombian palanqueras, the Trujillo marinera, the Peruvian Box, tango, Chilean Cueca or the Brazilian Samba) accompanied by drinks that remind us that there is always something to celebrate (the Caipirinha , Pisco, Vaina or tropical drinks).

SAHIC managed to bridge a future that is coming and a present to be inserted into that future. And so, it is impossible not to mention having been a bridge between the main Cuban players of hotel business and tourism, and those to whom reality denied the possibility of being part of a business that will grow in a sustained and unique way during the years to come.

SAHIC today.

A new edition is coming.

Guayaquil is waiting for us on September 25-27.

As always, we have an interesting program that offers the opportunity to know what happened in the last year but, above all, what can we expect in the near future:

Chris Nasetta, CEO, Hilton Worldwide: the experience of listening to one of the major industry leaders.

Marriott – Starwood: Marriott- Starwood deal, its progress, its impact, clearing the doubts about what is next, winners and losers.

ecuador love lifeEcuador, land of opportunities: Quito, Guayaquil and beyond. A country committed to tourism with a clear program of collaboration from the top national and provincial governments.

20/20 Showcase your Project: in the last years, this has been the platform that turned unknown opportunities into real businesses. A tool that grows every year.

From left to right: President Gran Caribe, AGR, Vice Minster of Toruism of Cuba, President Cubanacan, President Gaviota, VP DEvelopment Gaviota

Cuba by Cubans: Again, main Cuban officials and business executives of hotels and tourism will be present in this edition. This will be a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with them. Hotel operators, investors, architects, developers and consultants will also be attending the conference and it will mean an opportunity for construction companies and industry suppliers who want to expand their business in a market growing at double-digit percentage level.

Accor – Fairmont Raffles – Swiss Hotel: the other deal that struck in business. What is next, what to expect, what will happen to the already existing products.

STR Data & Trends: as always, we will count on the invaluable contribution of STR regarding the updated info of market trends and surveys. This year we will be repeating the format of combining hard data with the business point of view.

And much more.

SAHIC is the appropriate forum for those in the business, those who are in the process of joining the business or those who do not yet know about the opportunities it offers in the region.

As always, the recognition to those who do so much for the industry in the region.

SAHIC from 2017 onwards.

BENCH-BTN-HOME-enAfter the Joint Venture between SAHIC and Bench Events new winds will begin to blow, countless innovations will be announced soon, which undoubtedly will be directed to continue contributing to business development in the region.

In addition, SAHIC be 10 years old and it will be nice to celebrate.

We look forward to seeing you in Guayaquil next September 25 – 27.

Jonathan Worsley & Arturo Garcia Rosa

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