2016, a year with great expectations – SAHIC in Guayaquil and CHIES in Havana, Cuba

SAHIC 2015 has just finished. On this occasion, it was held in Lima, Peru, where yet again expectations were largely exceeded.


High-Level Participants

Based on comments by new and regular attendees, SAHIC stands apart for the high level and quality of its participants. It has become the annual event in South America’s hospitality industry.

After eight years of uninterrupted excellence, it is a source of great pride for us and a great challenge too, because year after year we want to surpass the expectations of those who make SAHIC come true – destinations, venues, sponsors, supporters, speakers, the press, and participants in general.

In 2015, attendance reached a new record, but what is even more important is the high quality of participants, which was clearly seen both in the number of concurrent events held and in the outstanding level of the meetings carried out during the conference. In sum, we are really proud because this is what SAHIC is about – a meeting channel for the industry where business opportunities may be encouraged, just as it successfully happens in other events like NYU (New York), IHIF (Berlin), or ALIS (San Francisco), the undisputed leaders in their own markets.

The South American Markets

Without a doubt, Peru has offered a most suitable scenario to achieve success. In fact, the country’s reality, the development of the hotel and tourism business, and future prospects are a magnet for new undertakings.

Colombia and Chile also attracted the interest of participants. These countries are the other two members of the Andean region, which together with Peru have been the focus of much interest in recent years. And there is also a new group of markets that is vying for attention, where Ecuador ranks first, followed by Bolivia and Paraguay.

Brazil, on which too much expectation has been placed over the last ten years, is now a source of concern due to its current situation; although there is no doubt that the country will gain strength in the near future.

Finally, Argentina, where everyone expects a favorable change of tack after the presidential elections at the end of the month.


An interesting piece of news is that this year SAHIC was attended by key figures in Cuba’s hospitality industry. This was certainly a milestone, as it was the first time that a group of outstanding Cuban leaders participated in an event of this kind worldwide.

The Vice Minister of Tourism Luis Miguel Díaz Sánchez,  Carlos Latuff Carmenate (President & CEO of Gaviota Hotel Group), Yamily Aldama Valdez (President & CEO of Cubanacan Hotel Group), Eduardo Acosta de Arriba (President & CEO of Gran Caribe Hotel Group), and Raniel Leiva Medina (Business VP of Gaviota Hotel Group) attracted the attention of an audience eager to gain first-hand understanding of the business current situation on this Caribbean island and get a glimpse of the opportunities lying ahead and how to capitalize on them.

For the first time ever, SAHIC’s closing general session drew a full house, where everyone wished to listen to Cuba’s key industry players, who will be part of the revolution that sooner or later will take place in the hospitality industry once the embargo imposed by the United States 55 years ago is lifted.

SAHIC 2016 – Guayaquil

Attendants were quite pleased to learn that SAHIC’s next edition (the ninth) will take place in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This time it will be “at sea level”. It is the third country to hold a SAHIC edition for the second time. In 2014 it was organized in Quito, its capital city, and now it will be in its financial hub.

CHIES 2016 – Havana, Cuba

The Lima participants welcomed with enthusiasm the unexpected announcement that we made together with the Vice Minister of Tourism Luis Miguel Díaz Sánchez about CHIES 2016, the first event of this type to be held in Cuba and which will undoubtedly become a new milestone for the industry.

The SAHIC Team

I cannot conclude without acknowledging the contributions of the small group of titans that make up SAHIC’s team. Thanks to their everyday efforts all these achievements can be fulfilled. Led by Graciana, who is closely assisted by Mariela and the rest of the team – Pablo, Corina, Ana Laura (who has wonderfully replaced Verónica during her temporary maternity leave for the birth of her son Santiago), Debora, Agustina and Leora who provided great support from the United States. To all of them my special thanks.

And to those who believe in us

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Let us redouble efforts to increase our achievements.

As I always like to say, we are instrumental to your success.

See you soon!

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