A 2015 Outlook for the Hospitality Development in Latin America; How Does Cuba Fit into the Mix?

South America’s growth prospects still make the region attractive for the development of new projects: Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador lead expectations regarding investment opportunities, both in new and in existing projects. Uruguay is awaiting changes in Argentina to recover the sustained growth it had reported for years. Venezuela lacks capacity to attract foreign investment, at least from players who are no longer operating in the country. The situation in Argentina is uncertain—no improvements apparent in the near future. And though Cuba is not Latin America, how does this Queen of the Caribbean fit into our future?

South America continues to exhibit resistance to global crises and thus the region is still appealing for new project development. Growth has been sluggish the last few years, though the recovery of the most advanced economies globally is an incentive for the economic growth in our region.

Three factors contribute to the slow-paced improvements in the region….READ MORE IN MY ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN HOTEL BUSINESS REVIEW

  • The weakening of domestic demand
  • Tougher and more volatile financial conditions
  • Drop in raw material pricing
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